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Model Trains For Beginners Complete Reviews

Dan Morgan, Author of Model Trains For Beginners

Dan Morgan, Author of Model Trains For Beginners

The Beginner Model Train Guide That Is Really for Beginner

​Conclusions : 

This is complete guide for beginner; therefore, if you are beginner, this guide is good choice for you. More than that, for you who don’t have time to collect all information and guide about building model train for beginner, this guide is also great option for you. Of course, the $27 for obvious information for beginner is quite expensive. But, if you are looking all benefits you can get from it, so that price is worth to pay. Just see it as investment for your hobby.

Hobby is something that you do in your spare time with one purpose, having fun with it. Yes, some of people have successfully made money from their hobby. But still, the main purpose they did that is only for fun and relaxing their mind. And, if we talk about hobby, there are many of different activities that we can do and considered as hobby. One of them is building train model. This can be said as the expensive hobby, because you need provide quite amount of money to buy complete set of train model. And, it becomes even worst, if you can’t build the model train that you have bought. Using this condition, which usually happen on most of beginner, there are many people try to help by creating guide or tutorial. One of them is Dan Morgan with his model train for beginners guide.

What Is It?

Like its name, Dan tries to help beginners in model train hobby to know how to build their first model train. The guide itself comes in online course. And it’s not free. You need to buy this online course to get the detail information and guide about how to build your model train. In this online course, there are many topics that Dan explained, such as:

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Instruction to build model trains. Dan explains every step in detail, so beginner builder can follow it easily. He also says by following his guide, beginner will be able to have skill to build model train like him. And, if you watch his video, you will know that he is good at this stuff. Therefore, expect some of great result from this guide.

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Mistake in building model trains. Dan also point out many mistakes that beginners usually made when they build their first model train. With this guide, he hopes that beginner can master the basic correctly.

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Railroad guide. This is interesting guide, because he will give you information about how to build the railroad, so it will be looks like the real railroad. Of course, the most important thing, this railroad can work like it should be.

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Track options guide. Many different information about track options and what is good and bad about each options. You can decide yourself which one that you want to use.

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Realistic scenery. This is important information because build model train isn’t only about build the model train, railroad and run it just like that. You also need to build the location where the railroad will be built and where the train will run. The realistic scenery will give more value on your model train. And, actually, this is what makes model train building hobby become much fun to do.

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Model train and railroad treatment. This is also important guide, because you need to give your model train and railroad a good treatment, so it will work smoothly. This guide is also included how to repair some damage or problems that occurs on your model train and railroad, although it’s only for minor problem.

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Budget and space adjustment. We can say this is one of most important thing that every builder must know, because as we mentioned before, this isn’t cheap hobby. You need to prepare enough amount of money to get everything that you need. And, by understanding how to use it effectively, you can save more. Space is also important. You need to plan how you will build the railroad and environment around it inside your room. If you can use it optimally, you can create beautiful model as well as save more money.

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DCC system guide and many more.

Basically, if we look at what this model train guide offered, we can say that you, the beginner, will get everything that you need here. Unfortunately, the complete guide that you can find in this guide is the beginner guide. So, everything you can find here is made only for beginner. Of course, it’s okay, if you just start this hobby. But, how about for you who have done this hobby for long time? This guide is definitely not for you. We can say you know most of information you can find in this guide.

This also can be problem for the beginner itself. If you are beginner, and you follow this guide, and do this hobby regularly, your skill it model train building will become better and better. At that time, you won’t need to use this guide anymore. And, because of this guide easy to understand concept, we can say you will be able to level up from beginner into the next level. Therefore, you will only use this guide for short amount of time. This is just like what Dan Morgan said about this guide. Some of builder maybe has talent in building this kind of structure. However, for you who don’t have any experience in building stuff like this as well as talent, you still be able to follow and complete the guide in short amount of time. Therefore, we can say this guide is like double edge sword. On the other hand, it will give you everything that you need to know as beginner and make you can build the model train easily. But, because you can do it faster, you will only use it for short amount of time. So, the money you need to pay for buying this online course feels like just a waste.

The Price

When we talk about price, we would imagine that online course like this will cost a lot. Actually, if we compare it with similar course, we can say that the model train building guide by Dan Morgan can be included in cheap categories. With only $27, you will get everything that you need. So, we can’t also say it was wasted your money. However, we say it could be waste of your money, because the content you can find here. if you compare it with what Dan Morgan say in this guide promotion, where he say you can get the secret of building model train, we think that was just too over promoted.

What you can find in this guide is indeed very useful for beginner. But, we can’t say that they are the entire secret that nobody knows or only few of experts have. Most of them are widely open and can be found easily from many free sources in internet. But, if you search for it directly from internet, you will have hard time and need lot of time to collect all of those guides in one place. Dan Morgan made it easy for you. He helps you to get those secrets as well as add his experiences as architect and model train builder into it. So, we can say if you have extra money, you can get this guide and you will have great and complete guide for beginner. But, if you want more just simple guide, you may have to use other guide or looking for it by yourself on the internet. More than that, Dan said that by using his guide you also can save at least 67% of cost to build model train, railroad and everything else, compared to buying the commercial model train.

The Product

The guide itself came in the shape of e-book. Do not expect some of video tutorial where Dan will talk to you directly through the video and show you how it should be done. You need to read, interpreted it by yourself what Dan want to say to you through his written guide and apply it on your model train. If you don’t understand what he means, there is big chance that you will make mistake. However, after we look at the guide itself, we can say it’s quite simple and easy to understand. So, there is low risk of you for having problem with it.

Beside the main e-book that consists of guide for building model train, you also can get several bonuses, such as:

7 Quick Ways To Save Hundreds Of Dollars Building Your Railroad Model

Weathering Your Model, Railroad Made Simple

A Model Train For Beginners – Glossary And Important Resources

The Quick Start Guide To Model Railroading

The 7 Model Train Mistakes Almost Every Model Train Beginner Makes And How To Avoid Them

Free Lifetime Updates

Limited Access To The Model Trains For Beginners Inside Club

By looking at those bonuses, basically, you will get more from this guide. So, although there are several flaws that we can find in this product, we can say that it’s still safe choice for you who want to know more about model train building and technique in this hobby. Therefore, it’s good guide.

Pros and Cons

Pros :

Easy to understand

For beginner

Save more money and time

You can get regular update

Quite cheap, for you who have more budget

Lot of bonuses

Cons :

Obvious secret

Only for beginner guide, no intermediate and other level information


This is complete guide for beginner; therefore, if you are beginner, this guide is good choice for you. More than that, for you who don’t have time to collect all information and guide about building model train for beginner, this guide is also great option for you. Of course, the $27 for obvious information for beginner is quite expensive. But, if you are looking all benefits you can get from it, so that price is worth to pay. Just see it as investment for your hobby.

PS: Dan Morgan give me a permission to distribute one of the ebook(7 model train mistakes to avoid) for FREE which you will get if you purchase his ebooks. You can download it from here, and I hope this will give you a peek of what Dan Morgan offers. I'm really RECOMMEND you to check out his website because he gives away FREE newsletter that you might find informative.