Yoga Burn Challenge

Welcome to our yoga burn challenge,

If you are in here, it means you are interested to join our yoga burn challenge.

We ( tried to provide the best reviews to you as our audiences. We also realize that to provide it, we need your cooperation to do it. That’s what spark this challenge program. Yoga Burn Guide by Zoe is one of our reviews program that we RECOMMENDED, and we stand by our recommendation.


week 1 : yoga mats

week 3 : yoga hand protector

week 5 : yoga pants

week 7 : yoga knee pads

week 9 : yoga towel

week 11 : yoga mat cleaner

week 12 : yoga mat bag


What we need you to do is :

1. BUY Yoga Burn Guide (if you haven’t you can buy it in here)

To make sure it as realistic as possible, we won’t provide it to you for free, instead we NEED you to buy it. Please make sure that you buy it through our link so we could confirm your transaction. After buying it, send us an email of your willingness to participate to our challenge at [email protected]

2. Send us a 5-10 minutes videos of you

Please send us a (5-10 minutes) video of your reviews according to the weeks above and we will send you the corresponding rewards. Here’s what your video is about : who are you? what’s your expectation? what you like about it? what you don’t like? what’s your results? what’s your conclusion? how do you feel when doing yoga burn? Please weight yourself before doing this program so we could know about your progress.

Think of it as tracking your results and you will get rewards for every time you insert new data, it’s as simple as that.